… because she’s giving an inspirational talk with a
practical application, a practical talk that’s inspired and has
proven, reliable, repeatable results.

She does both simultaneously because she knows this —

Inner vision and strategic planning are both crucial to achieving real results.

Amie is a Heart-Centered Certified Life Coach who invites people to lean into the question, “What would I love?“ to access their most authentic self, enabling them to discover and deepen their purpose or passion, and learn to live a vision-driven life. She then takes them through specialized processes to create a step-by step plan and know exactly what they need to do to move forward.

What does it mean to be a
Certified Transformational Life Coach?

Amie was trained by The Brave Thinking Institute, which is the Premier Global Leader in training for Life Coaches. Their founders have Master’s degrees in Psychology, Spiritual Training, and Business; they combine that training with over 50 years of study in the classical principles of personal development in a powerful way. BTI has trained over 4500 coaches, of which Amie is one. She underwent a rigorous training program and learned this proven, reliable, repeatable system for achieving goals and dreams and living a life you love.
Amie is the co-founder and President of Northeast Stage, a non-profit theater company established in 1983. Trained in NY, she is also a performer, producer, and filmmaker.

As a sought-after speaker and trainer,
Amie offers transformational workshops
to organizations around the country.

She works with all types of groups and can deliver a speaking engagement that’s right for you.

Short, 10-minute talks

“Lunch & Learn” trainings

Motivating keynote speeches

Afternoon transformational workshop

By hiring Amie, your group, organization, or company will be ignited by this training, and they will “THANK YOU” for bringing Amie Sponza to them.

Are you ready to Ignite the Flame Within?

Inspiration without action is merely entertainment.
– Mary Morrissey


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