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Amie is very relatable and very trustworthy in her knowledge and ability to deliver coaching effectively. I highly recommend her as a Life Coach.

Harriet Lemberger-Schor

Hi there, I'm Amie!

I’m an actor, producer, filmmaker, and certified transformational life coach + confidence builder + master manifestation expert dedicated to helping actors and creative pros (like you!) stop obsessing, take action, feel good and confident in everything you do. I’ll help you experience a more creative + harmonious life — so you can truly shine!

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Here’s some of the results clients experience from my Programs:


CREATE a clear vision for what they would love.


OVERCOME the fear of failure that may be holding them back.


MOVE from feeling stuck to finding purpose & passion.


IDENTIFY limiting beliefs and blind spots.


CREATE professional and personal growth plans.

and much more!

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How to Get Rid of Unconscious Abundance Blocks Once & For All

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