Hi! I'm Amie

Certified Transformational Life Coach

About Amie

Amie is an inspirational speaker, and heart-centered transformational coach. She works with individuals and organizations to help them:

  • Clarify their dream/vision
  • Clear the clutter in the way
  • Craft accelerated results
  • Create richer, more fulfilling lives

Amie is passionate about connecting with others on a heart level. She LOVES people, and enjoys listening to their Vision of an Ideal Life, and their BIG WHY. Being an Inspirational Heart-Centered Impact person lights her up as she sees the growth in her clients and their dreams realized!

Amie’s coaching approach involves sharing with her clients the proven, reliable, repeatable system, principles, tools, and strategies to evoke and discover insights, shift their mindset and take action toward their goals.

As a certified Life Mastery Consultant, and Dream Builder® Coach, Amie is a leader in transformation and empowerment. Being gifted in vulnerability and authenticity, she shows up fully engaged, which allows her clients and audiences permission to do the same….creating a safe space for everyone to BE their True Authentic Self.

“The only thing stopping you from achieving your dreams are the stories you keep telling yourself that you can’t. So don’t wait, act now.”
— Denzel Washington

I Believe you can change your
Life by Thinking.

Amie combines a powerful background as an Actor, Producer, Filmmaker, and the President of Northeast Stage, a non-profit theater company she co-founded in 1983, which is still going strong. She demonstrates confidence, courage and commitment through her own personal journey to bring you a wealth of knowledge, tools, and holistic understanding of life that is reflective of her years of experience.

Amie deeply believes in the power within all of us to overcome what our belief systems may label as impossible. Her ultimate purpose is to accompany you on your journey of defining & creating a life you love living.

Amie truly believes your dreams are your destiny, and it is just a matter of knowing how to take action to reach those dreams.

On a personal note…

Amie is a happily married mom of two grown children; she grew up and lives in Greenport, NY, where she enjoys walks on the beach and local trails with her husband and English Springer Spaniel, Benny. In summer, find her producing Shakespeare in the Park, and in winter, skiing and traveling with family. Amie loves a good story – hearing them, seeing them, telling them, experiencing them, and creating them.

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